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Birthdate:Aug 23
Name: Sera
Age: 27
Player Journal: mahoubunnybell
Contact Info: mahoubunnybell on AIM.

Name: Chitose Miyuki
Journal: ihavetits
Personality/Biography: Miyuki is a spunky, textbook "bokukko", the same as she ever was. She's very active and outgoing, with a real zeal for life.

She's grown a lot upwards over the past few years, but not so much outwards- she still has no trouble passing for a boy if she wears masculine clothing. That being said, when she dresses like a girl she's very pretty- she just views that as too much work most of the time.

History: After the events of the manga Miyuki lived a pretty normal life, attending middle school at home in Kyuushu before talking her parents into letting her travel to Osaka for high school (Because it wasn't fair that only Senri got to do it). She graduated in the middle of her class and went on to be accepted to a university in Tokyo where she is studying psychology.

Miyuki is currently a member of her university's tennis club, where she plays soley for fun. She at one time harbored dreams of going pro, but in high school she placed that dream on the back-burner in favor of finishing her education, and at nineteen she now feels she's too old to consider an athletic career.

She works part-time at a butler cafe in Ikebukuro to pay her rent, taking advantage of the fact that when she puts on a compression shirt and ties her hair back she has no problem passing for a slender, pretty young man.

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